Private Equity for
Mittelstand & Technology


PINOVA Capital is an independent Private Equity firm investing in high-growth Mittelstand companies in the sectors industrial technology and information technology in German-speaking regions.

We currently manage over €300m of assets via two institutional funds.

PINOVA is...


We have been independent and owner-managed since our foundation in 2007 with quick decision-making processes


We have been a significant player in private equity scene in the German-speaking regions since 1998


We have an international network in the industrial technology and information technology sectors


We are your entrepreneurial partner for important strategic decisions within the PINOVA Development System (PDS)


We are committed to a sustainable and responsible investment approach

Our company is named after an apple variety that was created in Germany and is now marketed worldwide due to its high quality, sustainability and profitability. Properties that we also claim for ourselves and our portfolio companies.

VALUES • Excellence • Integrity • Agility • Sustainability MISSION We are the bridge between inter- national institutional Investors and the technology-driven “Mittelstand” We invest in technology-driven “Mittelstand”- companies who are as quality leaders with their tech B2B products internationally competitive in growing niche markets. Jointly with ambitious en- trepreneurs we develop these companies to achieve sustainable, profitable inter national growth and achieve exceptional returnsfor our investors. VISION In the B2B segment of technology-driven Medium-Sized Enterprises with up to €75m in revenues, we want to be the first choice for entrepreneurs and investors. The leading private equity investor for “Mittelstand & Technology”





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