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Januray 12 2023

Assyst and Style3D join forces

  • Assyst GmbH | LinkedInStyle3D is sole shareholder of Assyst
  • Integration of both product lines from 3D design to production 
  • Assyst remains independent within Style3D

Assyst GmbH is as of now part of Style3D. The German fashion technology market leader and the leading 3D software company are joining forces. For Assyst customers and partners nothing will change. Assyst will continue to operate its business independently and will continue to develop, sell, and service all its existing products. Style3D and Assyst will now start to integrate their products into a universal, seamless product world. The Assyst-Style3D team will make its first joint appearance already at the end of January at the Assyst Experience at Munich Fabric Start (24-26 January 2023).

Both companies are deeply rooted in apparel development and production: Style3D in Asia and Assyst in EMEA. Together, they are planning to create a global product offering for producers and brands that covers the entire apparel value chain from development to production and the various sales touchpoints.

Starting point will be the integration of the flagship products of both companies – Style3D and Assyst.CAD. Style3D is currently the most advanced 3D fashion design software with a high growth rate globally. While Assyst is market leader with its 2D CAD technology in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland and offers a seamless software portfolio from 2D and 3D CAD to production (Automarker) and to all sales touchpoints.

Shared mission: sustainable, profitable apparel production
Major driver of the merger is the companies’ complimentary technology offering and the vision to create a seamless digital process from providing digital fabric and accessories up to the realization of products. The merger also strengthens Assyst's competitive position in the 3D design sector. Style3D, in turn, will benefit from Assyst's expertise in the development, CAD and digital simulation of apparel products and the access to the international market.

"Style3D and Assyst have the same commitment to quality and the same roots in apparel production. The two companies match very well. The chemistry is just right," says Hans Peter Hiemer, Managing Director, Assyst

"Assyst is the undisputed market leader for CAD and 3D CAD in Germany. We bring the market advantages for 3D simulation in the retail and brand sector. The apparel industry will benefit tremendously," says Eric Liu, CEO, Style3D

Joint development: networking the entire value chain
The textile and apparel industry are facing intense challenges in terms of sustainability and profitability. Automation and digitally integrated processes are the solution. However, this requires high performance standards in 3D and 2D, transparency in material usage, and connectivity to production processes. Together, Style3D and Assyst can provide this necessary solution. The new end-to-end technology offering from Assyst and Style3D will create the conditions for the rapid, sustainable development of profitable garments as well as for innovative offerings or even new business models.

Global focus: Style3D pushes ahead with internationalization
Looking ahead to the future, both parties will offer 2D-based & 3D-based one-stop solutions for business clients leveraging on their global tech base and complementary serviceable resource dominance. The two teams combine their expertise to provide premium customer service. On January 24-26, the Assyst-Style3D team will meet clients and present its products at the Assyst Experience at Munich Fabric Start.

About Assyst

Assyst is the market leader for fashion technology in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland and is a key partner for digitization in the apparel industry. With an end-to-end approach and integrated systems for 3D, CAD, marker-making, and order optimization, Assyst links development and production and helps to develop, produce and market apparel competitively and successfully. The know-how and expertise of around 120 employees at Assyst's Munich and Milan sites, together with more than 35 years of experience in apparel industry technology, enable the company to develop end-to-end solutions that help the industry to produce sustainable, fast, and profitably. Assyst operates around the world in more than 60 countries jointly with its partners.

About Style3D

Founded in 2015, Style3D is a leading digital solution provider in the global fashion industry. Style3D has built a digital fashion infrastructure by using its own soft-tissue engine as the base technology, an industrial-level software and a 3D design integration and collaboration platform. At present, Style3D provides a complete digital solution for different businesses in the fashion industry and has served thousands of fashion companies worldwide.

Style3D is a global company with R&D centers in China and the US, and it has offices in Europe, North America and in the Asian Pacific Region. The team brings together diverse and cross-border international talents such as scientists, engineers, designers, and artists.

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