Dr. Angelika Westerwelle

Dr. Angelika Westerwelle

Dr. Angelika Westerwelle is CEO of LANAX Management GmbH and a Sector Advisor at PINOVA. She was also a member of the advisory board of portfolio company Norafin until divestment in 2016.

Dr. Angelika Westerwelle's professional experience includes many years as managing director of SME companies funded by private equity investors. Prior to that, she was a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and Alix Partners. She is a non-executive director at Tyman PLC, London, and sits on the advisory board of Lumenion GmbH, an energy sector start-up.

Dr. Angelika Westerwelle has been a member of the Monopoly Commission from 2008 until 2020, an independent committee tasked with advising the German federal government. Since 2015, she has been chair of the FIW e.V. - Forschungsinstitut für Wirtschaftspolitik und Wettbewerb e.V., a research institute specializing in economic policy and competition issues.

Dr. Angelika Westerwelle graduated in Business Administration from Aachen University of Technology and went on to gain a Ph.D. from the same institution. She also holds an MPA (Harvard) and an M.Phil. degree (Cambridge).

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