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Paderborn, 03/03/2021 – Raynet GmbH (“Raynet”), the global software vendor offering market-leading solutions and IT service provider in the field of Enterprise Software Management based in Paderborn, Germany, is embarking on a growth strategy with PINOVA Capital (“PINOVA”) as an investor by its side. PINOVA Capital is an independent private equity firm that invests in high-growth technology companies in German-speaking regions. The deal, which was closed on Monday in Frankfurt, enables Raynet to drive international growth and deliver its high-end solutions and products and its impressive portfolio of services for existing and potential customers to the market with accelerated speed.

As an innovative industry leader in Technology Asset Inventory, Software Packaging and Unified Endpoint Management, this partnership marks the beginning of a new era for Raynet. An era during which an ambitious growth strategy will now be consistently implemented after reaching a solid market position by the substantiated development of best-of-breed products and their placement on the market.

“Together with PINOVA, our future-oriented solutions will not only change the market, but absolutely revolutionize it. We aim to take advantage of the lead which we have gained over other competitors in this field, particularly in the area of Technology Asset Inventory and Software Packaging, and to establish our technology as a global standard for all enterprise customers and service providers,” said Ragip Aydin, founder and Managing Director of Raynet.

Alongside the product development, the strategic alignment also focuses on internationalization and global expansion. In addition to the expansion within the European market, Raynet will concentrate on the company’s facilities in Tokyo (Japan) and Istanbul (Turkey) and will also expand its presence in the USA with the active support of PINOVA.

“Since its foundation, Ragip Aydin has developed his company Raynet into the technology leader in the Application Lifecycle Management area and has brought it on a sustainable growth path. Together with Ragip Aydin and his team, we want to continue this growth and further develop Raynet as a global software vendor and managed service provider, with a particular focus on Technology Asset Inventory and Software Packaging,” added Joern Pelzer, Partner at PINOVA Capital.

PINOVA has retained the expertise and know-how of the Managing Director and the team, who have helped shape the company’s success. Ragip Aydin will continue to carry out his duties at Raynet as Managing Director following completion of the transaction and will remain with the company as a significant shareholder: “We are delighted to have found our perfect partner in PINOVA, an investor that has recognized our potential, shares our vision and will work with us to further develop the company and drive growth. The new partnership will also increase the relevance of our employees: They will be given the opportunity to participate in the successful future of Raynet.”


PINOVA Capital is an independent private equity firm investing in high-growth technology companies in German-speaking regions. PINOVA Capital focuses on “Mittelstand” companies with sales between €10 million and €75 million in the sectors industrial technology and information technology, characterized by significant growth potential, sustainable competitive advantages and a strong market position in their niche.

About Raynet

Raynet is a global software vendor with market-leading solutions and managed service provider in the field of Enterprise Software Management. Following the mission "Discover to manage", Raynet offers the market unique products covering all technologies.

In addition to the headquarters in Paderborn, Raynet has further locations in Germany, the USA, Poland and the UK. With more than 100 highly qualified employees, Raynet has been supporting well-known customers and partners worldwide in their projects with its portfolio since 1999 – from Technology Asset Inventory and Software Asset Management to Software Packaging and Workflow Management to Unified Endpoint Management.

Raynet also maintains strong partnerships with the leading companies in this industry. Raynet products are unique in design and functionality. Their development is highly driven by customers and partners, who play an important role in product optimization and are the main reason why they always occupy a top position.

Whether a new SAM project is to be set up or a deployment tool introduced, a packaging factory planned, or a migration carried out – Raynet is always the best-of-breed partner for all products, services and solutions of Application Lifecycle Management for Enterprises.

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