Investment focus

PINOVA offers customized and flexible private equity solutions via a majority or minority shareholding for a wide range of situations with the objective of driving international growth.

We focus on companies with revenues of between €10 million and €75 million, which have clear growth potential, sustainable USPs, and a strong position within their niche market.

Our investment focus:

Revenues of between €10 million and €75 million

Strong growth potential

Equity investments ranging from €5 million to €50 million

Headquartered in the German-speaking countries

Our strength:
Flexible equity solutions

We aim to provide a private equity solution that is tailored to the company's specific requirements. We cover the full range of equity applications: growth capital, a minority or majority stake, a staged succession process, or any combination thereof.

  • Corporate spin-out
    Acquisition of corporate business units

  • Succession
    Acquisition of shares due to succession

  • Minority placement
    Purchase of existing shareholders' equity stakes

  • Capital increase
    Strengthening of equity base to finance growth

Our core competence:
Technology-oriented industries

Our regional focus:
German-speaking countries

Our goal:
Continuous value creation

Every investment by PINOVA is based on close collaboration with the other shareholders and senior executives built on mutual trust. The PINOVA team helps to address key strategic issues without engaging in operational matters. To gain a comprehensive strategic understanding of the business and develop a shared way forward, PINOVA starts by drawing up a Value Road Map together with the shareholders and management team.

Our Value Road Map is a blueprint for boosting the value of portfolio companies, which provides measurability and transparency into the expectations of all stakeholders. The Value Road Map covers a company's future across all horizons of growth.