PINOVA ESG Principles:


PINOVA respects and adheres to local environmental laws in the regions in which we operate and support the Paris Agreement.

Before we invest in a company, we analyze any environmental damage that might be relevant to such an investment. After acquiring a company, PINOVA focuses on efficiency in the use of raw materials, introduces programs to reduce scrap and/or limit the company’s energy consumption by increasing production efficiency.

All our portfolio companies should develop and implement their own Environmental policy in accordance with PINOVA’s principles.


PINOVA strongly believes that the firm and its portfolio companies will only be successful, if the workforce enjoys a good working environment.

PINOVA aims to promote human rights practices in the portfolio companies it owns, including:

  • Considering employee working conditions such as minimum wages, working hours, health and safety of work force
  • Supporting the elimination of child labor including possible use of child labor by the suppliers to underlying portfolio companies
  • Avoiding discrimination e.g. based on age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability
  • Complying with international conventions on human rights

All our portfolio companies should develop and implement their own Code Principles and Policies, in accordance with PINOVA’s Principles. This should include Value and Ethics guidelines as well as Whistleblower protection policy.


An essential part of PINOVA’s Development System is the governance and management structure that is put in place for each portfolio company. The management and advisory board of each portfolio company are responsible for defining strategy and policy, and PINOVA expects this to include the setting of sound environmental, social and governance standards.

Each company’s management team are responsible for executing the strategy and running the daily operations of the company according to the PINOVA ESG policies. PINOVA supports management to promote a culture of compliance.